Joel Dare

How to Shorten a Mechanical Pencil

You can shorten a mechanical pencil fairly easily. In this example I used a Bic 0.5mm fine disposable pencil. There are lots of different types of pencils and the procedure for each will vary. Here’s what my finished pencil looks like.

This pencil can only hold a single piece of lead. You could put a dab of hot glue in the end to hold the extra lead pieces from falling out.

Shortened Mechanical Pencil

First, remove the eraser and the lead.

Mechanical Pencil Remove Erasor

Next, saw the top off the mechanical pencil. I used a small hand saw. You could probably use a razor blade or serrated knife if you don’t have a saw. Be careful.

Saw the Mechanical Pencil

Remove a bit of plastic from the top to expose a “button”. Be careful to cut the outside piece of plastic but not the inside.

Mechanical Pencil Button

I finished mine off by rubbing a bit of sandpaper on the edges to smooth them out.

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